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Re: Give me insight please: Former spouses and parenting

Holy cow! I am a singlE mom and I think I'm the most sympathetic to the op. my ex should pay me child support but I declined it. It wouldn't have been tons and I do ok on my own. I do want him to have a fair shot with his new wife. Them getting divorced would be horrible for my kids and I stink at commitments now. Their marriage is the role model for what my boys will think of for marriage.

I think it is part of my job as the ex wife to do what I can to help them. Hell, I've even done the dishes at their house when I watched the boys since they were both having long days at work. I think the op wants more of a vibe that they are working together and she deserves that. I understand getting into negative thinking and thinking u deserve something more but everyone is connected now and should act like it.
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