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Cute little NB Overalls
- Roughly 16" from top of strap to hem
- 9" from bib to bottom of gusset
- 6.5" inseam including ruffle (not including gusset)
- 6.5" from armpit to armpit
- 7" hip (area right above where gusset meets torso)
- 3" across thigh area where the gusset meets the leg

I purchased these new (washed and lanolized, but not worn) from another mama but my daughter was too long.
These have little yellow flower buttons.

Next I have a newborn/small 100% wool crocheted skirty with soaker.
- The waist is approximately 7" across
- It is about 7.5" from top to bottom
- The leg holes are about 3" across

There is one small piece of yarn on the soaker that is a little thicker and lighter the the rest- shown in the picture below. This was made in sections and you can see the different color yarn stitching up the sides of the soaker, but this is underneath the skirtie and not visible when worn =)

The skirtie is nice and thick, perfect for cooler weather with a pair of baby leg warmers. =)

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