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Re: HS Check-In, Part 2

Kristin--Our big thing this time was The Price is Right. It was AWESOME! The tickets are high, IMO (like $30) but lots of people win stuff, plus we won two free tickets by playing a mini plinko game at Tanger Outlet. It was SOOO fun. We did go shopping at Tanger and up there where Kohls, TJMax, Target and all that stuff is. Other than that we stayed at the hotel and played a lot of cards and did a lot of eating out. We all had a great time.

Angel--sorry, that 3 hour test stinks. But I failed my one hour with two of my kiddos, and passed the 3 hour both times. Hopefully all went well for you. Have you gotten the results yet? And what did you mean by We are moving? As in, you are right now, or you might be or what? Hope things settle down for you and that you're feeling better about things soon. As far as books, we read a few of the Laura Ingalls Wilder series recently, and now I've started A to Z mysteries with my 6 YO.

Heather--sorry. Tomorrow is your due date...anything yet? Is your doc (or midwife?) the inducing kind or not?

Rain--Congrats on the new wheels! And you break was probably fun, but it sounds like some of it was educational and I'd be logging those hours!

foggierbard and Corrie--Yeah for an awesome day!!

AFM--Well I actually don't have anything to report, I just didn't want to be too behind on the thread when I started in tomorrow. DH didn't really HS with the kids while I was gone, but I think he did have them play on starfall for a bit. I was reminded when I got home why I never leave--things get out of control in a hurry!
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