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Angry May I Please Rant About Baby Boy Clothes?

I am currently pregnant and am expecting my first boy. I am a single mom so I hate when I go for just onesies or cute outfits everything has on it "Daddy's" something. I am sorry, but mommy also loves you and wants you to be her "all-star".
I also hate Monkeys. They are everywhere and not the cutest thing! I love dogs, baseball, and teddy bears. I hate Monkeys and they are everywhere!
The amount of "cute" clothes there are for boys versus girls. Girls have so many styles. Boys have two: "nice" and "t-shirt". Girls have "punk", "girly", "baby", "Disney", and so many others.
When I was at Target, I could not differentiate between the Baby Boys (newborn-5T) and Baby Girls (newborn-5T). I am not one to say yes to "gender differences", but when I am looking for jeans for boys, I want jeans for boys. I do not want to look all over to find them. I wish that stores would be more helpful to mothers of boys. Girls get the cute clothes. I just want my little boy to look presentable. It is even hard to find cute onesies.
Why can't my Little Boy look like he deserves to be respected?

These are all based upon clothes I have seen at Target, Wal-Mart, Babies R Us, and various "discount stores".
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