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Re: May I Please Rant About Baby Boy Clothes?

I am so sorry you are having such a problem. I just gave birth to my only boy two days ago...and maybe I just got lucky. Currently, he's in one of those newborn "gowns"-you know those awesome long baby sleepwear things that are just open at the bottom to make changing super easy. It's a tan color, with brown and darker tan and blue and black puppy prints all over it, and has a little patch/tag thing that says dog gone cute. It's really cute. It's a carters outfit.

Earlier her had a onsie on that said "mommy's hansome little devil" and it was red. He's got a pretty even mix of "Mommy's Little" and "daddy's little." stuff.

But, I got all of his first year wardrobe at one garage sale, all in one fell swoop, for $15

My biggest problem though is that so much of EVERYTHING is blue. I don't have a problem with blue for boys and pink for girls, but my girls have pink and purple and blue and yellow etc etc etc. Even outside of what we bought, it's as if it HAS to have blue just to be for little boys, because girls have co-opted so much else!
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