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Re: Did you have to have a credit check to foster?

DS's sister's adoptive family got medical as secondary. It sucked for them because their kids are all grown, and now they have to pay for a family plan for a really long time (she is only 4), when they would have been able to each be single at their work. They got no adoption stipend. However, there was no way they were willing to give her up, and the state knew it and took advantage.

We have an amazing attorny, and we got $14 a day adoption stipend, and state medical, but DS has significant special needs, and is G-J fed. We told them that we could not afford to adopt him without state medical since we have an $8,000 deductible through DH's work (they eliminated PPOs, and only offer HSA high deductible plans). His medical supplies alone are almost $5,000 a month. That is before we start in on doctor/hospital/therapy bills.
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