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I've searched this forum for previous posts/threads, but wanted more...Anyone try figuring out what was causing their child's enlarged adenoids/tonsils before getting them surgically removed? If your child was NOT getting infections, but had large adenoids/tonsils, do you know what was causing it? Allergies? Did you alleviate the swelling with figuring out what allergies your child had? Was it food related? ANY INFO would be helpful. My 5 yo DD has large adenoids--mouth breather, snoring, dark circles, tired and cranky, bed wetter, probable sleep apnea, nasal speech, but does NOT have strep infections, repeated sore throats etc. Just has big adenoids. So I thought I would do what I could to figure out if she had some sort of allergy before resorting to surgery. She's been dairy free for 2 weeks, but so far, no difference ( I realize it takes longer for dairy to leave your system, but you'd think there would be SOME difference by now). Any info from you all would be appreciated!!
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