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Re: Two week wait - Oct

I've been temping for YEARS and it takes a while to "know" your pattern. Even now, with each kid I have, my temps seem to change and my cycle change, so it's so hard to predict.
I say, if your new at charting, do it for 3 months before you start predicting anything. Just take your temp at the same time, every days and in a few months, you'll see your pattern for the most part.

I'm going to cautiously join this 2WW. I've now had 2 days of high temps, we'll see what tomorrow brings. My OPK's are very negative now and my nipples are starting to hurt less, CM is back to dryish and cervix is CLOSED. I think this is my first PP O'ing. I am on CD 50-something and I've read that O'ing after CD23 means it's not a good O, so whatever it is, even if it leads to bfn, I'm happy I O'd!!!

I told DH that I'm O'ing and that when I get pregnant, I'm gonna find a fun way to announce it to him, and he turns and says "your not gonna spend $100 on Pregnancy tests again are you?".......

...OF COURSE I AM!!!!!!
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