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Should I feel guilty? Am I taking advantage?

I have been planning on taking a class for a while. I provided the instructor with a $55 deposit months ago. I recently contacted them to take their Oct. 1st class. She mentioned that they were moving it to start on the 15th now. So I told her I would take that one then, I also explained that I only had another 1.5 months to take the class and was a bit worried. She reassured me that as long as I took the Oct. 15th class it would be enough time.

So I requested off every monday from work for the next six weeks and called her middle of the week to make sure the class was still happening. It took her four days to call me back and she said that the class was still on but that me and my husband were the only people who had signed up.

She asked if I still wanted to take the class and I said yes unless she knew of another teacher that had a class starting in the next week or two, I also explained that I had requested work off on all of the class days for the next 6 weeks. She said she didn't know of any other classes and I could tell she was not exactly thrilled that she'd be teaching essentially a private class. Not to mention she does offer private classes for another $200. I am already paying $320 for the class and I couldn't bring myself to offer her more especially since I didn't want a private class.

The other part is that her private classes she will come to your home at any time you want. I am driving to a building 30 minutes away on a time and date predetermined by her. So I am not necessarily getting all of the benefits of a private class.

But then part of me wonders if I should offer her more money? Or have told her just to cancel?

If anyone is curious it's a hypnobabies course and I am 28 weeks so I don't have a ton of time that I can wait. Which is why I wasn't okay with telling her to cancel but now I feel like I am being a jerk...
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