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Re: Pantry Challenge...Find the old thread, or start a new one :)

I LOVED that challenge. We did it a few times I think. Let's start a new one and if I can find the thread I'll link it up. Great time to start one as we approach the holidays. Lets put all that grocery savings into the Christmas budget! Not to mention we can restock an empty freezer with the holiday hams/turkeys! This can look however you would like it to from week to week. Not going to the store at all, eating the fruits and veggies you have on hand or canned. Going to the store only for staples and produce. Or even just using up something in the pantry and buying the rest of your ingredients. It all depends on what kind of stockpile you have going or how much your pantry has diminished over the challenge. For me it will vary as we go through, but my goal will be to clear everything out of the fridge/freezer/cabinets/stockpile to start the year fresh stocking up on great sales. I always seem to pass things by and then they end up being past their prime so I'm looking for a fresh slate, no pun intended.
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