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Re: TTC 30+ Oct. 8-Oct. 14

Good day ladies.
I just wanted to post a good day to everyone an hope everyone is doing good. I'll be praying for all of you. The ones that got a BFP Congrats an may you have a HH9M an the ones that got a BFN hang tight don't give up as this road is hard to travel but you'll get there.

AFM: The count down for my surgeries has began. I've got lot house work to do this week so when come back home from having it done the house will be nice an clean. We will be leaving next Monday evening for going out of town stay at a hotel so can be at the RE office very early on the 23rd at 9am when he comes in so can have my pre-op stuff done then sent straight to hospital for having my surgeries done at 1pm. I'm getting very excited but nervous also. I'm hopeing they don't find nothing bad wrong with my tubes or the endo is really bad.

So if I'm not around much for a while it's due to getting ready to leave for next week. Not sure when be back online as when have my surgeries done I know I'll be sleeping all that evening an night with taking pain pills but I'll be back when feel better.

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