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Re: Am i crazy?

Originally Posted by happysmileylady View Post
No it is not crazy to want a large family. Just so long as you are wanting a large family because you want to raise more young people into adults and not because you don't want to give up the baby stage. I sometimes see posts here along those lines and I wonder if some people on here (you know given that it's a baby site and all) forget that having more isn't about having more babies, it's about raising more kids and having more faces around the dinner table 8 yrs from now and so on.
For me, when I picture my family it has always been a big rowdy bunch. I envision a table full of teenagers and mass chaos and teasing and noise. I love my babies, but I mostly just kind of "survive" the first's as they get older and become their own people that I really enjoy the journey. I want more kids because I adore watching them grow and helping them develop into the people that God has planned for them to be! The squishy baby part is just kind of an added benefit.

As for the OP, when I was younger and single I always said I wanted 2 kids. But as the years have gone on and I see the beauty of raising children my heart expands and I just know that I'm meant to have more. I'm currently ttc #4 when a year ago I had said that I was done. God has a way of changing your heart! It used to be that I couldn't imagine having 4 kids, and now I desperately want 4 and 5 doesn't seem so foreign to me. My DH and I take it one kid at a time and then reevaluate later. If your heart tells you that you want more, then I say follow your heart!

P.S. I also really dislike being pregnant! You know those ladies who have cute little bellies and glow during pregnancy? Well that is NOT me! I typically dread the be pregnant part, but in the end its worth it.
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