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Re: Pregnancy After Loss (October 1-15)

Originally Posted by TS8213 View Post
Hi gals! Had a pretty uneventful weekend but it went by fast. I've got my 20w scan tomorrow morning so I'll check in after that!
20 weeks?! I can't believe we've been in here that long (I mean, I'm not there yet, but I remember you being early weeks!)

Can't wait to here about it!!!

Originally Posted by quicksilverNHS View Post
Crampiness, sudden sharp pain, and then a gush of fluid.

I swear I pulled down my pants in the middle of my kitchen right then and there to make sure it wasn't blood.

Also: dear stretching pains, I'm glad you're there, but please don't scare the crap out of me again. Keep it on an even keel, okay?

Also: DH farted near me tonight---and sent me rushing to hurl. Thanks DH!!!
Shucks, sorry about the stretching pain/cramping stuff. That woulda terrified me too!
about your DH!!!

Originally Posted by finleyjudemommy View Post
AFM.....23 weeks 3 days today...felt movement almost all day yesterday! The baby had the hiccups at least 4 different times last night I looked it up and actually read that "only the more mature fetuses will hiccup as hiccups rely on the development of the central nervous system." Not sure how reliable that is and I don't care, it made me feel better. 5 year old daughter had them all the time in my belly too.....

Hope everyone has a great day!
That kinda makes sense about the hiccups. Huh. Never thought about it, really, but it kinda makes sense.
DD had hiccups ALL the time inside me. She would hiccup for a few minutes, then kick and squirm like crazy. Then keep hiccuping, lol. After she was born, for her first couple months, she had hiccups a lot and it always made her SO mad - it always did, hence the fighting when she had them inside
None of my boys had them terrible like she did, but they all had them from time to time. She had them like multiple times each day, though. Poor kid!

AFM: I'm trying not to freak out. Not succeeding well, based on being awake and tossing and turning half the night. But trying not to freak out. There's nothing we could do anyways.
I didn't feel Babe move much on Saturday through the day, but we were out and busy, running around (literally tons of walking) all day. I'm sure I could have missed movement, kwim? That night I finally felt him squirming and moving, probably for 20-30 minutes or so (that's normal as per what I felt through last week).
Then yesterday I felt almost nothing, all day. I think I felt a little moving at church during the sermon and again after supper (again we were busy, running around most of the day, those were nearly the only times we were sitting down) but if it was movement it was only a minute or 2, nothing like the tons of squirming and moving he normally has been doing.

I mean, I know it could be lots of things and everything could be fine. But my inner stupid voice keeps screaming that the Babe is all ready dead, just floating around in me, just like Elli did, that I'm just carrying death again.
Don't like feeling like this, having these thoughts.
and for some wiggles again today. We'll be home all day, so I'll be more "normal" activity wise (not walking around constantly, lol). So hopefully I'll be reassured and feeling okay again by the end of the day.
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