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Re: Can anyone compare a AIO to an AIO trainer?

An AIO is a diaper not meant for baby to pull up and down. A trainer is made for baby to pull up and down (even if there are still snaps incase of a mess for mama to change easier)

A stuffable pocket trainer is for a child who is in transition and needs various degrees of inserts for different times. Like at night needs more, but day time needs less inserts. Mama can control, but child can still use the potty by self and in your friends case if 5 year old wakes up he can pull down the trainer to use the potty, but will still be protected if he wets while sleepng.

There are AIO trainers and pocket trainers. If your friend's son is only in a pull up at night she can probably buy two - three good quality AIO trainers. The hard decision will be should she custom order them for him to feel wet or to stay dry? I'm guessing she will want him to feel wet so he will wake up because he is uncomfortable and wants to change to a dry one.

I was just reading about pocket trainers for my middle guy. He is gonna need the independence to pull up and down his trainer himself, but need the protection he'd get from a pocket, so I may do that for him, but he is not using the potty at all (UGH!) and turning three this month.

BTW, S-ez AIO trainers have an amazing reputation. Also look at Bumwear.

Pocket style, Happy Heiny has one for $15 that look like underware and have no snaps. This could also be an option for your friend if she stuffs them trim.

Hope this helps sarah! Lisa

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