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Boy so glad I found this thread ! Currently I had DS1 whose 5 and DS2 whose 1 . I go back and forth on when I want another . Some days I think " let's do this ! Having them close I'm age will be fun " and other days I'm like " a few years won't hurt ". Ds1 and ds2 are 4 years apart . It's not a bad age gap as when Ds2 was born ds1 wasn't super clingy , could occupy himself if need be and went to Pre k so he got his "alone time" . But then I think it be nice to have them closer in age and have more in common . I would love 4 kids but DH says one more ... I was thinking about TTCing in Feb so that the age gap from my now
Youngest to the new baby would be 27 months ( if I'm lucky and can get pregnant right away )
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