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Re: Explode the Code

We love them! They are deceptively simple, but it has really helped DD (esp in conjunction with the Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading).

I don't have the teacher's book, and haven't felt we needed it.

I take the books to have the bindings chopped off then put them in page protectors in a binder. We use dry/wet erase markers on them. I have 2 other kids I have to use these with, and I thought that would be easier.

We also only use the half books if DD really struggled with the concepts taught. She's only used the half books twice.

We also skipped book 4 and went straight to book 5. Once we finish book 6, we'll go back and do book 4. We tried to start book 4, but I felt the concepts of syllabication was a bit too much for a K'er, and she struggled mightily with it.
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