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Re: Potential Risks Associated With Ultrasound And Doppler Use

Originally Posted by rumblepurr View Post
I'm not saying that ultrasounds do not have their place, they really do! If we hadn't had one done on our 3rd child with hydrocephalus, we could have had far more serious consequences than what did occur.
What I was pointing out is that you usually only need one, not 4. The early ones are absolutely not necessary, unless determining weather or not you have miscarried, especially since the first trimester is when the most damage can occur.
Providers used to be more cautious and only proscribing one at the 20 wk mark to determine if there are any abnormalities, and at the very end if there were complications. Now they are routinely given multiple times. People can walk in off the street and pay for a scan as many times as they want. The wealthy even buy there own ultrasound machines, so they can see their baby anytime they want.
The real issue is that there are studies that show the more times you get an ultrasound the more damage is being done. Unseen neurological damage is happening each time you get one. Getting one sonogram isn't going to do much damage, getting multiple ones could.
I know I will get one done at 20 weeks, because I believe in knowing about abnormalities before birth. I'm going to try and keep the # of scans down to a minimum and pass on the early scan to determine dates. I've always hated those trans-vaginal wands anyways !
I'm not trying to be difficult at all but I just wanted to mention that there are always gray areas. To the bolded above, very early ultrasounds are absolutely necessary for me as I have a history of ectopic pregnancy. My first ectopic pregnancy seemed to be progressing normally and there were no concerns until my tube ruptured and I had massive internal bleeding before I made it into surgery. Had they not gotten me in the OR when they did I would have died. I now have two small children and I'm not willing to take the chance that it could happen again. I get early ultrasounds to check make sure that the embryo is implanted where it's supposed to be. I typically get two early on to check placement and then not again until 12 weeks and then 20 weeks. However, I think moderation and knowledge is important with this along with everything else in life. I wasn't aware of risks in my first pregnancy and I used my home doppler all the time. This time my intention is to only use it if I have concerns later in the pregnancy and am feeling lack of movement. I will get the ultrasounds when my doctor doctor and I decide that it is medically appropriate.
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