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Re: What is your plan/schedule/routine to get housework done?

Originally Posted by EVEYSMAMA12 View Post
Wow reading this makes me feel like a complete slacker. My DD is 6 weeks and she likes to sleep in. I know I should be waking up before her to clean, but it never happens. I am looking at the possibility of working from home. I would be making phone calls most of the time. The thought of both scares me because I am afraid I will not pay enough attention to her. Do any of you have work from home jobs similar?
Don't worry, I sometimes feel like a slacker, too. Haha! Our son is 3 months old, and I think the most I've gotten done in one day was 3 loads of laundry and filling the dishwasher. And that was one time. Some days I get more done, some days I feel like nothing gets done (except for lots of cuddling with my little man!).

But you know what? People keep telling me that the laundry and dishes can wait. Your baby is only a baby for so long, so enjoy her as much as you can! The other stuff will get done, but don't pressure yourself to do too much at once.

And sleep! If she's sleeping in, then by all means, you get more sleep too! You need rest to take care of that precious one!

I like FLYlady, too, and am going to try to get back into that for cleaning without guilt.

I have been working from home for quite a few years now, doing independent contract work, mostly in writing, editing, and now social media. I started in moderating forums, and now I monitor and facilitate social media networks (Facebook & Twitter) for various companies. I work with a small team, so some days I have several shifts, other days I may have nothing. It's great! Good luck with your WAH job search!
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