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S0LD items here:

INFO (saving for future reference)

USA Postage on Fitteds is:
1 for $2.80
2-3 for $5.70
4+ varies by location
International, please PM for quote. (Canada starts at $10)

OS FITTED DIAPERS, $15 snapless, $18 with snaps (extra for hand-dyed)
They all have 2 snap in soakers (see pic). The snapping ones have inner and outer snaps for a fold down rise. The fit range is 9-35lbs.
Outer Knit, Inner Cotton Velour, hidden Poly Fleece (hybrid).

You can add a lay-in doubler (3 layers OBF) or a snap-in Belly Booster (4 layers of OBF, covers inner snaps) for $3/each
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