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Re: tongue tie/lip tie questions

I personally have a lip tie and never realized it until I was in my late 20s and was researching lip/tongue ties for my kids.

My DS did have a tongue tie that had to have surgery under GA b/c it wasn't discovered until 15 mos, corrected at 17 mos.

From my reading, people who have or had lip ties/tongue ties themselves are more likely to have kids with these issues, and somehow the lip and tongue ties are related - like if your child has one, they are likely to have the other (or some such thing, it was a while ago...).

Personally, my lip tie does not affect my speech. My teeth are downright horrendous, but that is b/c of improper nutrition during my primary growing years, and not b/c of the lip tie. It doesn't hurt me, and I will likely never have it corrected unless I need it for some strange reason. I think mine must have stretched quite a bit b/c it is attached at the bottom of my upper lip, and at the bottom of my gums between my two front teeth. I do NOT have a gap between my front teeth, and no decay in my front teeth caused from it.

I suspect my 18 mo old may have a bit of one, but until I see some affects from it, I will leave it be.
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