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Help me choose a new pump

My Medela PIS just bit the dust and I'm looking for a replacement. I've already replaced the PIS once (under warranty), and would like a different brand. I pumped while working for 14 months with DS1, and am now exclusively pumping for DS2 who at 9 months went on a nursing strike and never went back to the breast.

Any recommendations? I was thinking an Avent because we use Avent bottles and the soft shields look comfortable. I have a Hygeia but I don't like it very much. It seems slower and less powerful than the Medela? I don't know if its my particular pump, or just the brand. Anyways, what doule electric would you recommend that is not a Medela, and not a Hygeia. I considered just rending a hospital grade pump since DS2 is already 10 months, but they are so heavy and awkward I don't want to be lugging it around everywhere since I'm EPing.
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