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Re: EC & Cloth Diapers?

We use gDiapers and LOVE them. I agree that they are good at keeping baby feeling dry. That makes them great when going out. We are trying to EC part time. We use prefolds and covers at night with a gdiaper insert on top. That setup holds the most and keeps him feeling dry at night. We both work full time so sleep won out over trying to EC at night for us. I find gdiapers more affordable than some of the pocket diapers. Also depend if you will be doing daycare or not. We have to have 6 stuffed gdiapers every day at daycare and do a load of laundry about every other day. The more covers you have to buy the more it will cost. I can see why some people wouldn't like them. I think they are great at containing messes though. Just don't try and do them as tight as a disposable or you could cause leaking. If I was staying home with him I would probably use covers and prefolds most of the time and just use the Gs when we went out.

This thread was a good reminder for me that it keeps him comfortable when he is wet and I want him to realize what is going on.
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