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Originally Posted by ChelseaGirl7

Woot! Every little bit helps!

Denelle- Hope you can get things figured out so you can get back sewing again!

Afm- we are on track to be caught up with all the bills by the end of the month!

I am wondering what you all think, we don't have a bef yet since we aren't caught up. We will be starting it next month I'm sure. The thing is, our 2 debts we should be able to pay off within 4 months, and paying minimum payments only they will both be paid off by April (car loan, 6 months left). The other one is asn old business contract that will be paid off in dec. I am seriously thinking about only doing a 500 bef, then paying off the car payment by february. Then doing the ffef. I kind of feel like I can "justify" this because we have lived off of a 20k income most of this year(and didn't fall behind until we had no income), although dh is currently going to make around 32k I think (maybe more, depends on hours). I'm just thinking we should be able to squeak by for 2 months, and we might even be able to slowly add after the first debt is paid off. Any thoughts?

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We did this. However, my husband is in the military, so there is almost zero chance something would come up that our $500 BEF wouldn't be able to cover. We have no medical costs, we have a second vehicle if something happened to one, and in the event of a death/family emergency, only the person being affected would go. We also planned on paying off our two small debts first, then beefing the BEF to $1k-$2k, then focus on the two larger debts. I do think dr recommend only $500 BEF if your income is low or if it will take you longer than 90 days to save up your BEF.

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