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Originally Posted by canadianbakers

I saw your thread in extra fluffy (?) - that's an awesome find!

Is it going to cost that because the OB is out of network? Sorry, US health care (networks and insurance and private clinics) kinda confuse me. I'm just not used to that.
The 1.5hrs would even be better than 3 - and even more so if you can stay at that other house.
Yeah, and we spend Thursday nights through Sundays at that other house, so chances are that I would be over there anyway.

The price completely depends on what insurance you have and if the hospital and/or doctor is in network. If I went to Las Vegas (the 3 hr+ hospital), it would be about $2,000. But I'd have to factor in gas money, waiting hours for my appt (the wait time is ridiculous at that OB's office), spending a whole day going to an appt, worrying about getting there in time (my last labor was 4 hours), staying down there for a few weeks around delivery, etc.

The closer hospital is in network but the OB is out of network. Once I pay $1,500 (my deductible for the year), then that is all I pay for the hospital. If the OB was also in network, I wouldn't pay anything beyond $1,500. Since OB is out of network, I pay 30% of anything beyond $1,500 up to $3,000 plus the difference beyond the insurance company's contracted fee and what the OB actually charges. Insurance companies have agreements with in network providers as to how much the insurance company will pay for certain procedures. The insurance companies don't have agreements with out of network providers, so I have to make up the difference between what insurance will pay and what the OB charges. It's all very confusing and completely depends on what insurance plan you have.

I LOVE those boots!
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