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Re: Chat Thread ~ Oct 14th-20th

Originally Posted by EmilytheStrange View Post
nothing to report here except that I think I'm going to eat myself into a food coma today.


the commissary finally had a loaf of blueberry struesel bread (it must be popular, because they're always out) and I got some and I want to eat the entire loaf.
I'm coming over!!!!! your not far from Alabama right?

That reminds me--My dh has no concept of drive times. Never did never will not even with mapquest and everything else. So we are talking about going from AL to NJ for Thanksgiving to spend it with family. and he started talking about leaving the day before and says "It's only like 8 hrs right?" and he was serious!!!!

I just kept thinking if it was only 8 hours I would have visited family like every other weekend or at least once every 2 months. I was like, "Umm hun, it's at least 18 hours. but with 3 kids we are looking at around 24 or more."
He was like "REALLY, that long?" And I just kept thinking you drove when we moved down here right? It took us 2 days!
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