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natural, medicated, induction, vbac or c-section

what type of birth are you planning to have or already know you have to have?

i've been watching the business of being born on netflix streaming and i also watched another documentary called pregnant in america. i was planning a natural, un-medicated birth with my son but got selfish in the end and asked to be induced. i was lucky and had an easy labor and delivery for having had pitocin and an epidural. labor was 6-7 hrs and i only pushed for 30 mins.

i'm again, going to plan for a natural, un-medicated birth this time and pretty sure i can stick to my guns this time as i'm older and more patient now. i'll also have a friend acting as my doula and she did natural, un-medicated with her daughter just a year and a half ago.

just wondering what y'all are planning/wanting.
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