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Re: natural, medicated, induction, vbac or c-section

I don't know... I've never really planned one way or another. I have hopes, sure.. but not necessarily plans.

My hopes are that the baby will come on her own and I will have a quick, uneventful vaginal delivery just as I had with my previous 5.

I've been induced before and I've had an epidural with 4/5.. so I'm not opposed to either of those, though I would prefer she come on her own. March 17th would be an awesome date, too... although that would be the longest I've ever been pregnant, by far.. LOL! (due March 19th. Never went past 38 weeks.)

Mostly, I just really REALLY hope for a smooth vaginal delivery followed by a healthy baby. So far I have been very blessed in that department (Longest labor, #1 was 7hrs, pushed no more than 15 minutes. Shortest was 3hrs, pushed a few times. All of them have been healthy, requiring no interventions at birth.) and would be over the moon if this one followed suit.
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