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Re: natural, medicated, induction, vbac or c-section

Originally Posted by roseyroberts View Post
Natural homebirth here. Will be my 5 th homebirth. I had a c section will #3 this will be my third vbac.
that's awesome!!! to all those docs who say vbacs are dangerous and nobody should do them!!!

yay i'm so glad so many of y'all have done/will do natural! i have even more support now! i was 23 when i had my son and was just so over being pregnant that i was induced 3 days before his due date. my plan is to labor at home until i know i'm getting close and then go in so it'll be too late to get the epidural. my only concern is that i had a hernia repair back in '05 i think and as my son descended he was pushing against that site and the only thing that relieved it was having him. that alone is the reason i got the epidural and it didn't help at all. they only had me on the pit for an hour because it did what it does and the contractions were too long and too hard. i got the epidural at 1.5 cm so i don't remember ever having a contraction. i had cervadil overnight the night before and that didn't do squat.

i do have to say that the epidural was done the correct way in that i didn't feel pain but i felt the pressure/need to push. don't get me wrong, it was an amazing birth experience but i really would like to go natural this time.
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