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Originally Posted by Craftin'Diva
I would... I have been around forever but don't feel like I really fit in the struggles and support area ... mainly because we aren't pursuing medical help (other than the basic testing we already had that showed both DH and I are completely healthy with no real reason for infertility, although I have my own theory that I am able to fix myself... just can't seem to get the motivation) nor will we ever pursue medical options. We have a boy and a girl (plus he has one of each from a previous marriage, one of which that lives with us) so we know how blessed we are... and while we want another, if we never get another, we accept that and can be okay with it. Although, I will always hope.

I post answers to stuff occasionally but I don't really belong to any threads because well, the outcome for me has been the same for so long that following me isn't really exciting for anyone, lol. So for me, a thread like this, in the main section, would be fantastic!
Hey! I feel the same! Unexplained infertility. We DO have a 2 yr old together that took 12 yrs but only happened when we both dropped a ton of weight. Then I gained it back :/ sooooo.....well you know.
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