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Re: should I be concerned about 11 month old's lack of weight gain?

Originally Posted by Van1300 View Post
My EBF girl was

birth- 7lbs 9oz
1 month- 8lbs 10z
2 months- 9lbs 7oz
3 months- 10 lbs 12 oz
4 months- 11lbs 6oz
5 months- 12lbs 4oz
6 months- 13lbs 10oz
9 months- 15lbs 12oz
12 months - 17lbs 4oz.

(I pulled out the baby book)

At 2 years, she was 24 lbs. And last week she was 26 lbs (at 2 yrs 9 mos).

I think you are doing a great job I think EBF babies can be tiny and it is ok!
Yeah right. I know you had those stats memorized.

my kids stopped gaining much between 5-7 months. One didn't gain at all for several months. Barring other signs of trouble this is normal.
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