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Originally Posted by KelseyH
Is anyone having a blood test done to determine gender?

The more I read about it, the more reluctant I am to have an ultrasound done in January. I know my OB will back me if I decide not to since my he flat out told me that in his experience (Navy and civilian OB) it doesn't change the quality/standard of care.

DH is freaking out, though. He wants pictures of the baby. Seriously. That is the ONLY reason he could come up with for wanting the ultrasound. (Well that and wanting to know the gender.) I said I would have an US to see where the placenta was attached if we were having a HB, but he is totally against a HB. He said I was "turning into a weird hippie" - haha. He is an EMT and told me if he was the pregnant one, he would be getting every screening and test and preemptive procedure under the sun. Ick :/

Anyway, back to my question... I've seen the from home ones that you can order and do yourself, but I also know my OB can order one. Has anyone done either? What was your experience & were the results accurate? DH will not stand for not knowing the sex... He was already pretty upset about not seeing "pictures", even though we had a dating US at 7 weeks.. Apparently that wasn't good enough :P lol
This is so my husband. It took me a few months to convince him that a midwife was okay! He also accuses me of turning into a weird hippie. Lol
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