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Re: Dave Ramsey Support Thread Oct 15 - Oct 21

Originally Posted by bluecandi View Post
So Im curious what Dave would say about this.....hubby is going to deply next year and we are going to be putting the extra towards these bills:
Sl 7k....payment is 55
Truck note 9k.....215
Sl 16k.....160

The extra would likely cover the two smaller bills or the big sl. I know Dave says go from smallest to largest debts but Im looking at the 215 getting sent off for the truck every month and I really want to pay that off first, since it would free up so much more extra cash every month. Kwim?

Any compelling reason not to do it this way?
If there was a huge difference in the loan amounts, I would say do it the DR way. But really, it's only 2k difference, plus I'm sure the truck has higher interest. I'd personally knock that one out. the $215 freed up will go farther than $55.
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