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Re: Pregnancy After Loss (October 1-15)

So I dreamed last night that I had the baby. He was a little African-American baby who was "too pretty to be a boy." I got my VBAC and felt awesome, but the recovery room was recovery for EVERYONE... random patients from other parts of the hospital, etc. It was this huge common-room area. I kept trying to do some skin-to-skin with the baby, but he kept wiggling and fussing and having none of it. For some reason, DH wasn't with me and his phone doesn't have a camera, so I couldn't text him pictures of his son. I went ahead and just posted the pictures on Facebook. I took two pictures, and the first picture, the baby looked like a toddler already, and in the second picture, he looked like a preschooler, lol. I was a little bummed in the dream b/c I ordered a piece of jewelry that we were going to use for our name announcement on Facebook, and it shipped yesterday (in real life) and in the dream, it hadn't arrived yet, so I couldn't use it.
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