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Is My Planned Diaper Stash Headed in the Right Direction?

I know this question has been asked a ton, but here goes anyway...

We are expecting our first in March and we plan on using CD back up. In addition to the tons of lurking on EC boards, I got some great advice at the local CD/natural baby store on the best "not-so-absorbent" "EC-friendly" brands and items.

We should both be WAHP by the time baby gets here (probably with DH doing more of the EC/diapering than I will-- luckily he had CD experience with his brother!) and want to try a mix and see how things work out. So we were thinking...

-Prefolds with Snappis (and covers, mostly when out and about)-- or PFs inside covers.

-Fitteds-- I would think these would be even easier and more ideal than prefolds for EC ease... but correct me if I'm wrong! Also worn with covers when out.

-A few BGE AIOs for various occasions and just to try. We are going with the Elementals because the diaper lady said they weren't so super-absorbent that babe would be unaware of his/her wetness.

-I would love to get at least a few pair baby underwear and maybe splurge on some Ecapants, but I might hold off on those until the baby is here.

I have also picked up a few random items at consignment sales and the like-- for example, a few very absorbent pocket diapers (Fuzzibunz, CB) I figured we could use on longer car trips, possibly overnight if nighttime EC becomes overwhelming, etc.

Oh, and I am focusing on items that will fit to the first year or so, but taking a wait-and-see approach for larger sizes.

What do you think? Am I on the right track?
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