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Re: Crib in the bathtub?

Originally Posted by keonli View Post
I think if you're going to go through all that effort for a quiet space for the baby, then you might as well convert the bathroom into a bedroom. Remove all the bathroom fixtures, close off the pipes, etc.
I disagree, I think that is a lot more work than just putting a crib in there for 6-12 mos and then moving it to another location and having your bathroom back.

OP, Do you have any HUGE closets? I know sometimes walk-in closets can be big enough to fit a crib. Might be a better idea than the bathroom?

Personally, I wouldn't even worry about the faucet being within reach. How could they reach through the crib and hurt themselves on a faucet?? Maybe I'm missing something. I guess if they somehow had amazing dexterity and physical strength at 6 months old, they might be able to get the faucet ON, but even then, the bottom of the crib would not be low enough in the bathtub for the baby to even get wet, and all the water would just go down the drain anyway. So I don't really see that as a risk. A downside maybe...

I think if it fits in the tub securely and safely, you could do it. Little newborns and small babies don't move around a lot anyway.

As far as whether it is "legal" or not, I have no idea. I think that would be a moot point unless you were talking about a foster child, or having CPS come examine your home for some reason.

Just to echo what PP's have pointed out, not all kids are the same, some sleep better than others. I also think you can make it TOO quiet for a sleeping baby, and it is better for them to get used to the noise straight from the very first days of life than to make everything super quiet and then have sleep issues later on.

Do what works best for your family! There are babies and children and families all over the world who survive with much less space (and in much worse conditions) and make it work.
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