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Re: How to stop using boob as a pacifier?

My 2nd never got over me as a paci. Not until he weaned. DS3 I made sure to put his soothy in after he was done milk. I attached it to my nipple and carried it between my boobs so it smelled like Momma milk. Unfortunately it worked and he still has it at 3 yrs old - sigh.

DS4 is 6 months old. He took a paci for only 3 months and then once my supply increased he no longer would take one. He unlatches after nursing to sleep. I notice when he is done nursing he will pop on and off the boob and rather not be latched on.

Each baby is different. If yours wants the boob as a paci, then you may not be able to break the habit for some time. I know mine that was like that lived on me.
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