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Re: Chicken Moma chat thread. Share, Q&A, all things chicken! <3 October <3

Oh has started to zip, one has sounds, but no pip yet. The other is very quiet. Go chickeys go!


What breeds do you have liz? 2 ee, an ee roo aka-Fred, a rir, and ??

So I think I have 1 rir and 2 nhreds? Not 3 rirs. This dude totally ripped me. Told him the last guy gave me all roos so he gives me half roos and all the wrong breed. Grrrr for lieing scammers.

The reasion I think this is 2 of those 3 are lighter red and have single little rose combs. blk in the hackle and bigger blk tail feathers. The 1 is very, very dark brown with a little single comb. We call her little red her she's so dark. The 2 are always trouble, one seems to love/hate me. She's the one who kindly tackles me if she see's anything that can pass for a snack in my hands/arms. Ray LOVES her because she's like an exploreing baby, so inquisitive. Get's all up in your face to take a good look, ect. I actually have to shove her out of the way when entering the pen because she refuses to get out of my way. Dominant? I seriously try to show he I'm lead, but she id HARD headed. Ray doesn't have much interest in them, but her. Say's she has persionality and that's what we need. I swear I have been attempted to boot her. She won't take the snack from my hand, want's the fingers. Starts fights, ect. Just a real barn yeard bully. I don't even know if I hate her or she just intreagues me. It's like a human mind in her head. She's theone with the eagal eyes of the 2.

When she was young, always on me. This is meany Elly Mae.

Old evil eyes!

Curious, sweet Anna Belle, nhr?
See the comb?

On right, real rir. SOOO dark, no blk on hackle, single comb.

2 upper left, I believe are the new hampshire
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