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Re: Adenoids

I may be totally off, but I thought that once tonsils & adenoids are enlarged, they don't go back down. As in, it's not a temporary swelling. You can hope that the child will eventually grow into them, if they don't continue getting bigger.

DS has environmental allergies for sure, which seem to have contributed to it. He had a few ear infections, but nothing chronic or unusual. I did have him on allergy meds from about 5 months old, but that only helps some with the congestion and did not keep his tonsils & adenoids from becoming huge. The main reason for having them out was that it was disrupting his sleep. Oh, and although he didn't have frequent ear infections or hearing problems, he did turn out to have fluid built up in his ears. The doctor said it was very thick & sticky, like glue, from having been in there so long.

I wouldn't say he was a totally different kid afterwards -- but his sleep improved, and he definitely swung more towards his better, happier moods & behaviors.

Sorry for the grossness, but this is how the tonsils were a couple days before surgery:

According to the doctor, the adenoids were also very big. Just got in the way of breathing comfortably.

DD also had her tonsils & adenoids removed this past spring, and they were similarly large and causing snoring. She has some allergies, but doesn't seem to have the environmental allergies DS does. So who knows.
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