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Originally Posted by sweetgrace
I'm finding it difficult to survive on $160 (a week) for groceries/household/clothes/misc. I am barely making $160 work for groceries and houshold let alone clothes and anything misc. *sigh* I guess I'm feeling a little bummed. The road seems so long and we just started. How am I going to make $160 work for 3-4 more years? My boys are eventually going to need new clothes and I desparately need some new clothes. I don't even have a coat that fits me this year.
Check out old navy around black Friday for a coat..they always have good deals. I know the ” numbers” of the budget make me feel restricted and trapped. We've only had a written budget for a few months and i'm just used to spending whatever .

AFM, had to put some dental work on a cc a few months ago (my front tooth was falling out after being preggo and I am NOT walking around without a front tooth!). It jumped in front of my cars on the frustrating. this month we were able to pay $500 towards it and only have $500 left which I should be able to finish off next pay. I only have a temporary crown right now so I have another ~$2500 in dental work coming up
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