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Re: PSA: Please... Ship Smart. Save money, time, frustration!

Originally Posted by suthrnmomto3 View Post
Thank you! Now I need Internet on my computer and printer...I never knew any of this oh need scale too...would my electronic bath scale work?
Yes, you'll need an internet-ready computer or laptop connected to a printer. Or you can print at a local library, though they may charge a few cents per page.

The bath scale probably won't work well for first-class parcels (under 13 ounces), since those have to be accurate to the ounce, but it might work for calculating shipping on packages heavier than one pound, since mail pricing on anything over 1 pound is tiered based on whole pounds, not fractions of pounds.

Those ounce food scales are cheap though. Try Bed Bath and Beyond if you can't find one used.

Another trade secret of a big-time penny pincher:

Back when I didn't have any scales, and wasn't shipping flat rate, I would take my packages with me on supermarket shopping errands and ask the clerk to weigh them at checkout. That gives you a 100% accurate weight!

Most post offices also have automated kiosks on which you can weigh your packages. You can weigh them there, then bring them home and print your labels. You're still saving money plus the line wait at the PO.
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