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Re: Potential Risks Associated With Ultrasound And Doppler Use

I was not looking to shove anything in anyone's face. If it wasn't for a similar type post I never would have known about the potential risks. No provider ever shared that there could be any risks, and I never gave it a second thought. I had monthly ultrasounds with my oldest son, if I'd been fully educated on the matter my choice would have been not to have them. This post is strictly an effort to make sure people do know this information so they can make their own educated decision on a matter they may never have previously given a second thought. If this is not a safe place for me to share my pregnancy related thoughts and information I probably don't belong here. I'm all about women making educated choices, you have to have the information to do that, and sometimes you don't know to seek out information on a particular topic until someone suggests there might be reason to look into it.

Originally Posted by clothdiapercrunchy View Post
I know most of us have probably heard about how we are not sure about the risks of sonograms, I know I have. I have had numerous US's for numerous reasons with all of my pregnancies. I think its something that we all need to make our own decisions about. Im not trying to be rude or offensive, but it gets really tiring to see people trying to educate others about this danger or that danger or this or that or whatever. We are all capable adults who can research or talk to our chosen providers about these concerns. I really hate coming here or to my facebook to be shown all these links about how horrible ultrasound is when I've personally had more than a few. Im comfortable with it and the benefit outweighed the risks for me, but this still bothers me to see it shoved in my face all the time.
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