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Re: Am I horrible for WANTING a repeat c/s?

I am having one in 3-4 weeks. (It was originally scheduled for after Thanksgiving, but I'm not gonna make it that long).

I didn't have nearly as many complications as you, but I did have issues with both my DD's pregnancy and now this one. For my first one, I got an inguinal hernia at week 12, I had GD and hypertension. I was induced 2 days early because baby was measuring 3 weeks ahead. I ended up getting stuck at 3 cm after 16 hours and agreed to a c-section at midnight.

Fast forward to this pregnancy and I still have the hernia (it is below my scar line, on the right side). I also have GD again and I've been on bed rest for the last month due to hypertension. I also have high amounts of amniotic fluid and was referred to the high risk OB. The baby (this one is a boy) is measuring 4 weeks ahead. I just don't feel right even attempting a VBAC.

Does it really matter in the end? No. Plus I have heard the time in the hospital and your milk coming in is a lot easier with a scheduled c-section. I was so tired after laboring 24 hours total and then having mine at midnight that my DH had to physically hold my daughter on me in order to nurse. This time we are going to have one at 8am and I plan to be alert and ready to nurse/care for my baby as soon as they let me.

Good luck on your journey TTC!!!
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