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Re: natural, medicated, induction, vbac or c-section

Originally Posted by NappyChappy View Post
All natural homebirth. Maybe a glass of wine lol.
Haha good idea!

Originally Posted by sterlids View Post
i spoke with my doc yesterday at my appt about an un-medicated birth and she said that all 3 docs are very supportive of that! she had an unmedicated birth with her second child so that helps too that she's been through it and knows what to expect and all that. i asked if i'll be allowed to walk around and move around while laboring and she said yeah as long as i'm not constricted with a monitor or iv. she said i can refuse fluids if i want but they have to have iv access. i already know that being a medical person myself. i also asked if i'll be forced to get in bed on my back to push the baby out and she said they prefer that but no i won't have to unless there is something wrong with me or the baby. so it's looking extremely promising this time!!!
All great news
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