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It is looking like a "natural" csection. I've had two "post dates" inductions, both ending in csection. OK is going backwards as far as VBAC/VBAMCs are concerned. There are a few options left, one being HBA2C, but hubby isn't sure he can get comfortable with it. If not, I'll stick with my doc from DS2. I really like him, his hospitals just don't do VBAC anymore. He has offered to let me see the delivery and have the baby immediately on my chest to breastfeed in the OR and is fine with waiting until 40-41 weeks.

Unfortunately, it isn't me that gets impatient waiting on my babies, it's my docs. I'll probably never know what would happen naturally. It sucks not knowing. It would almost be easier to KNOW I can or cannot birth my kiddos. I am making peace with not ever knowing, though. It looks like the direction we are heading.
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