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Re: How to stop using boob as a pacifier?

neither of my kids have been big on the paci. dd will take it sometimes. ds would eagerly take it, take a couple frantic sucks, pause, realize there was no milk forthcoming, spit it out and scream in rage. every.single.time. he never did take a paci. *shrug* after a couple months, i really stopped trying. how old is your baby? after 6-8 weeks i found both of my kids started to get better about hanging out on my boob all the time. it probably took until 3 months or so though before i felt like they were mostly just nursing to eat and then being done. dd will still comfort nurse at night, but i'm usually nursing her in bed, so i can sleep too. during the day, she latches on, eats her fill, and then moves on with her life she's 4.5 months now. if she gets really worked up about something, then yea, generally she nurses to calm herself. she has to be REALLY worked up for nothing else to work though (ie, walking, patting her back) ds was worse about this. he was such a little boobie monster! but even he got better the older he got.

the upside to a kid who won't take a paci is that you don't have to worry about breaking them of it later!

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