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Originally Posted by BeccaSueCongdon
And I need to figure out the most efficient use of our dishwasher. Right now I only run it full, but I do run it 2-3 times a week... And on the highest setting bc the dishes weren't getting clean enough on a regular setting.

Is a dishwasher more water efficient than handwashing?

What are your water saving dish tips?
This one kind of depends on the dishwasher, but if you have to run it on heavy to get stuff clean, I would guess no, it's not more efficient than hand washing.

The biggest thing we do to save on water for dishes is use less dishes. The kids (currently four of them) get one cup, plate, and bowl a day, which gets rinsed after use. They get new silverware each time. DD2 is the only exception, she gets Pediasure in a Sippy, but all other drinks in a regular cup, so she technically gets two.

We have a double sided sink, so when we wash, we fill the smaller side half way with soapy water. All dirty dishes are stacked next to the sink, and get washed and set in the empty side. We wash everything first, then rinse all at once, so the water is not off and on and is being continuously used. We also don't turn it on all the way, only about half way, which is plenty of pressure to quickly rinse dishes.

This also saves money in dish soap. A few drops of liquid soap is all it takes (I HATE when my mother tries to do my dishes, she wastes tons of water AND squirts about six table spoons soap in and calls it helping ), and that is far cheaper than even one soap tab for the dishwasher.

If you do this AND wash in a dish tub instead of directly in your sink, you can also flush the toilet with it. :thumpsup: I keep meaning to get a couple dish tubs since they have a million uses, but I never remember. We only gave up the dishwasher about a month ago, and then actually did it for the electric savings, not water.
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