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Originally Posted by Sweet_Fantasy_Fox
Not horrible at all How a child comes into the word isn't important, a birth is a birth and the end is a healthy mama and baby is all that matters. It is a personal choice and nobody's business so don't worry about what anyone else thinks. I had one vag delivery and three c/s, my deliveries were mine alone and anyone not approving my family decisions really don't matter to me in the least.
Exactly this. I had one cs for a huge baby (10lbs, 12oz) and an hbac. And even I say - it's none of anyone's business! Both vbac and elective carry their own set of risks. An unplanned cesarean after a TOL is riskier than either a vbac or a planned cs. If you feel most comfortable planning a cesarean, your planned cs will likely be much different than your induction and unplanned cs. :-) you can even plan on having a doula or lactation consultant with you in hospital to help as you work to establish breastfeeding! :-)
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