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Re: Am I horrible for WANTING a repeat c/s?

I am all for vbacs. But when you are already scared, had a lot of problems with the first I can totally understand the desire for a repeat section.

I cried when I was told I couldn't have a vbac but also felt a bit of relief at the same time. I had troubles with our first and almost lost her. That is scary. In the a vbac wasn't even a possibility. My youngest came by emergency c-section. He was having heart decells at 37 weeks. I do not deliver early naturally so it is doubtful he would have made it long enough for me to go into labor. He wouldn't have tolerated labor either as he had 4 tight cord wraps that weren't letting him move let alone deliver vaginally.

Do what is best for both you and baby not what others may think is best for you.
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