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Re: This Is Making Me Crazy I Have To Vent

Originally Posted by vick
It's amazing how much misinformation persists, huh? I had to give up on mainstream birth boards - they drive me up a frickin' wall!!
Yep, and we of course were on the same one for a while.. I went back a month or so ago and I was appalled at some of the posts.. so I didn't even bother reading much! Heather from the Cloth Diaper Outlet used to post there as well....

The "EBF" thing really got to me though.... so many assume that "any" breastfeeding was considered "EBF".. it didn't matter if you offerred bottles or even bottles of formula.. if you breastfed at all, you just said EBF. Idiots!

I forget what it was exactly that led me to leave in the first place... but I'm sure it was something either BF or diaper related!!
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