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Re: August 2011 - October chat

holy crap...that was a world of aweful! sheesh. kids were being absolute crazies, so I decide to take them for a walk to the library. a little change of scenery, a little bit o fresh air. nope, the crazy came with us and stepped it's game up. holy freak, I was ready to literally smash elijah's push car with a hammer or toss it over a fence at a couple points. he was just being ridiculous and sydney was not much better.
then we get to the library, amazingly enough, they calm down for a bit, then it was time to go home. elijah had wanted to be worn in our wrap on the way home, so I planned on wearing both him and kezia. I ask him if he wants in "nooooooo". ok, fine, start wrapping kezia, the wrap gets wonky, go to re-wrap, and this super obnoxious kid is stareing at me and also telling sydney she is being naughty for standing on something. super-obnoxious-kid (forward known as SOK) continues to stare at me as I'm trying to wrap kezia, get elijah to get his jacket on and keep sydney from walking out of the kid's section. sydney gets mad, calls me mean, SOK thinks she is talking to him and whines "I'm not being mean!" unfortunately, since his is in fact SOK, I do not bother to correct his misunderstanding. sydney then proceeds to play with some cushions (elijah has since decided that he does infact want in the wrap, so I'm trying to get him up and keep kezia from walking away) and SOK keeps tattling on sydney that she is playing with the cushions wrong or taking them where they do not belong. i'm thinking, 'get a clue SOK, I'm not listening to you!!!' I literally feel like everyone in the library is looking at me and the freak-show we have become and feel like yelling "STOP LOOKING AT ME!!!" I've got kezia sitting on a low bookcase (I know, bad idea) while wrapping elijah. sydney comes back over, tries to 'help" keep kezia on the case and ends up pulling her off, i catch her with elijah barely hanging onto my back. by then I am really ready to scream (especially at SOK who is STILL staring at us and making random comments [seriously, where is this kid's parents!?!?! ]). I drag our freak-show over to a different area, finally get elijah and kezia wrapped up, and grab our books and head home.
supper was even better and so the kids were in bed at 6:25. yeah, here's hoping they sleep all night, but so far only elijah has gotten up, so I'm very happy to be alone. (wayne is working late tonight, hence the extra craziness).

whew, time for supper for me...and maybe some refridgerated chocolate frosting.
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